Expense Percentages: Warrior Expeditions takes great pride in maintaining the lowest overhead percentage possible and ensuring that 87% of every dollar donated is used to directly support the veterans enrolled in our programs. Warrior Expeditions financial disclosures can be viewed here.

Cost Per Veteran: On average Warrior Expeditions provides approximately $10,000 worth of support per veteran per expedition which includes $5,000 of in kind support and $5,000 of cash costs. In kind support includes equipment, clothing and supplies donated by our 46 sponsors and transportation, lodging and food donated by our 441 community supporters. Cash costs include purchasing the remaining required items not provided by our in kind donors and funding the training and orientation packages provided to each veteran.

Tax Returns:                         Independent Audits:                         Annual Reports:
2021 Tax Return                    2021 Independent Audit                     2021 Annual Report
2020 Tax Return                    2020 Independent Audit                     2020 Annual Report
2019 Tax Return                    2019 Independent Audit                     2019 Annual Report
2018 Tax Return                    2018 Independent Audit                     2018 Annual Report
2017 Tax Return                    2017 Independent Audit                     2017 Annual Report
2016 Tax Return                    2016 Independent Audit                     2016 Annual Report
2015 Tax Return                    2015 Independent Audit

*From 2012 to 2015 Warrior Expeditions was a program of Operation Military Embrace