Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is 2,320 miles long and crosses 10 states from Minnesota to Louisiana.

Mississippi River Veterans

Name: William Christopher

Hometown: Leavenworth, KS

Branch: United States Army

MOS: Field Artillery

Service: 1990-2016

Deployments: Iraq, Afghanistan

Name: Brian Dales

Hometown: Summerville, SC

Branch: United States Air Force

MOS: Physical Medicine

Service: 1992-2013

Deployments: Iraq

Name: Eric Endries

Hometown: Edenton, NC

Branch: United States Army

MOS: Armor Officer

Service: 1990-2011

Deployments: Somalia, Iraq

Name: Harry Gardner

Hometown: Pooler, GA

Branch: United States Marine Corps

MOS: Adjutant

Service: 1987-2018

Deployments: Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan

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